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Welcome, Sacred Ones.

The time has come for you to honor the witch – and her sacred purpose – within you.

Witches hold an important role within the divine Universe. Just as there are those that understand the unseen world of mathematics, the puzzles and architecture of engineering, and the compassion of those in religious clergy, witches understand—and deeply connect with—certain parts of the Universe that seem completely nonsensical to others, or that others are not gifted in. 


This gift of being so attuned to the natural Universe around us isn’t for no reason. 
In fact, wherever witches go, whatever careers, families, friendships, etc. they find themselves in, they serve a purpose in the group of people they live alongside. Witches are a force of nature, and we are the bringers of change. When we live in our fullest expression, when our vibration rings out like a beacon of hope and power and change to everyone in the Universe, we can’t help but influence the state of being of those around us.
Soon, we have people asking us where we find such beautiful crystals, if they can come with us on a hike through the mountains or the trees, or what it’s like to meditate.
We are not something to be ashamed of.
We were not given these gifts for no reason. We were not put on this planet to be burned, disowned, or stifled. In fact, it is with unabashed freedom and expression that we must step forward and shine for all to see.
No matter what role you find yourself in life, what you enjoy, or what labels you give yourself, you are a witch and I think you know that. I think you’ve had the calling in your heart for a long time, but it may only now be getting just loud enough for you to finally answer; to investigate these cravings, the urges, and the understandings that others just don’t seem to have about the world or those in it.
You, Sacred One, are not here for no reason. You are here to bloom so brightly that others can’t help but be in awe of you, that others can’t help but know that they are safe in your presence. That you will understand things about them before they understand themselves.

We are sacred facilitators of change on this Earth and you are not here to stifle yourself.

I give you whatever permission you have been seeking to live in your highest expression. In your deepest satisfaction. To follow your inner alignment wherever it may lead because it will be where you are needed.

With all of the Love and Light in the Universe,
Lauren R.

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