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What is From A Fable? The Good Witch Project? And where do I start with witchcraft?

So, you're ready to dive into the world of witchcraft.

But the information out there is confusing.

No one tells you where to start.

And if you dare ask anyone, they make vague comments that leave you frustrated and left hanging.

Not anymore!

In this video, Lauren Runck (owner of From A Fable and founder of The Good Witch Project) covers the main characteristics of witchcraft, how it differs from Wicca, and four things you can do to get started TODAY.

Below, you will find links to all of the resources mentioned in the video. Have a look, and welcome to the beginning of your journey into witchcraft!

From A Fable Virtual Academy

Witchcraft: Foundations 101

From A Fable Online Forums

The Good Witch Project Facebook Group


Now then, who is Lauren Runck?

The video below covers how Lauren's witchcraft journey began, how it led into a small Etsy shop called From A Fable, and the mission that carried on from there to help change the tale around witchcraft, and create a better witchcraft experience for all.