Samhain cauldrons are looking BEAUTIFUL this year, have you picked yours up for your Samhain celebration?

Take the first steps toward a fulfilling, joyful life that includes your witchy side; it's closer than you think.

We all need a fellow witch and guide to help us in the beginning of our journey of growth and magick with witchcraft.

Book a one-on-one session with me to talk about what you're going through, and pick my brain for what I believe will help you get through it. Even if you just need a bit of one-on-one table time, I'm here. Let me help you get clear in your mindset, give you a solid foundation and starting point, and gently help you through the beginnings of witchcraft. It can be a confusing time (it certainly was for me!), but I know what that's like, I've been through it, and I'm ready to help you with what I've learned. I crafted my dream witch-life. You can too.

If you're looking for some clarity, let's talk! I'd love to grab 30 minutes with you just to help you get clear on your next steps, where your focus needs to be, and provide you with resources to help. It's my purpose to share what I've learned about manifesting desired changes in life, and in gaining the confidence you need to stop feeling the need to "prove it" all the time. Allow me to hold space for you to see the truth of who you REALLY are.

 To schedule your chat, click the button in your lower right-hand corner that says "Book Some Table Time!" The 30 minute Crafting Call is free, and there are no strings attached.

Or, book a session for a full 90 minutes where I tap in to the magick and energy around you, and provide further guidance. During the call, we will go over a few different questions that will help you narrow down what it is about witchcraft that speaks to you, the witchy life you've always dreamt of, and you'll leave with actionable steps on how to get started, resources to help you, and a friendly voice to guide you as you begin the magickal lifestyle you're meant for.

90-minute Crafting Call: $111

If you need more guidance when it comes to "walking the walk" and would like someone to check in with 1-on-1 twice a month to talk about your practice, lifestyle, and manifesting the life you desire, I am available to work with as your magickal mentor and witchcraft guide. I will be happy to give you what you need, and help you align to your inner witch that has been calling to you for so long. You're closer to her than you think.

1-on-1 Mentorship: $333/monthly

*For mentorship inquiries, please schedule your 30-minute Crafting Call, so that we can talk about the best ways to get started. This also gives you a call to make sure you feel aligned with working with me!*