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**PLEASE NOTE: This cauldron is marked as a pre-order since it will only be available to purchase for a few weeks. All ordered LIMITED EDITION cauldrons will ship out on December 12, 2019 (USA, Domestic), and December 10, 2019 (International).**

The final year with the original cauldron candles is upon us!

And what better time is there to release a celebratory LIMITED EDITION Yule cauldron?!

If you’d like to see the release video, and hear a bit about why the change is being made this year, head over to this link:

Inspired by snowy evergreens, cardinals in Minnesota trees, and the beautiful sight of holly and winter berries, comes this unique addition to the From A Fable cauldron candle family.

If you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your home, and a simple way to honor the Yule holiday, look no further. Designed to create mindfulness of the seasons, and a low-energy-required way to celebrate and bring magick into your home, these cauldrons have made From A Fable a household name in the witchcraft community for quality candles and witchy home decor.

Scented with peppermint, mistletoe, cedar, pine, blue spruce, and a bit of cinnamon to bring an added warmth.

The hand-mixed, intentional herb blend on the top of this candle consists of peppermint, cinnamon stick, mistletoe, white pine bark, and cedarwood. Due to the fabulous nature of this wax, as the candle burns, the herbs mix in with the wax to be consumed slowly as the pooled wax presses them toward the edges of the candle. This minimizes the risk of large flames, and keeps our cauldron candles safe and home-friendly.

As we pride ourselves on being able to provide a sensitivity-friendly candle for all to enjoy, there is also an unscented option of this candle available for purchase. We use strictly soy wax as it creates less soot, and is far kinder to those with allergies that struggle with paraffin.

If you have any questions regarding our candles, or would like to request a custom cauldron before we go on hiatus for several months, please email us at


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