Love – Witch’s Brew Collection – Hand-Crafted Herb Blend Mixed into 12 oz. Artisan Soy Candle


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This candle is part of my exclusive Witch’s Brew Collection. One of four special soy candles infused with a hand-crafted herbal blend (mixed by yours truly) made with specific intent. In this case, the intention mixed into the candle was: Love!

Now, the thing about any spell or “brew” pertaining to love is that is isn’t simply a love potion meant to draw someone into your life. That’s not how it works. (Love potions and love spells should not inflict one’s will upon another). In fact, this brew is designed to attract love into your life from all directions via friends, family members, romance (with lemongrass added for a little extra spice), as well as something we could all use a little more of; self-love. The herbs were hand selected by me, then mixed into a delightful, powerful blend before being added into the candle during the hand-pouring process. This means the properties of the herbs are directly infused into the wax, along with the oils.

In addition, fragrance oils have been added to the candle, corresponding to the herbs put in there. This is to make your home smell wonderful, and enhance the natural scents of the herbs.

For those with allergies, please be aware that these candles do contain the actual herbs (check ingredients list given on this listing). If you are allergic to one of the ingredients, please do not purchase the candle. It will only make you react! Soy wax is known for being helpful to those with allergies, as it creates less soot, and is incredibly eco-friendly. Also, easy to wash out! Once the candle is burned down, go ahead and wash out the jar and re-use it! Give the earth a little love.

Each candle is made to order, and shipped as soon as it is ready! This normally takes 3-5 business days, depending on current order volume, but I will always ship orders as quickly as I can!

I never sell a candle that I, myself, would not feel comfortable purchasing. If the scent, color, or herb blend doesn’t meet my high standards, I won’t sell it!

Bring a little love into your life this year, as the wheel begins its new turn and a whole new year of possibilities is opened!


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