What is From A Fable? Great question.

From A Fable is an organization focused on helping witches step into the light and take their desires for a more magickal life from the world of fairytales into their physical reality.

But first, a little backstory.

From A Fable began as a small, fandom-based Etsy shop on January 16, 2015. Gaining reputation as a great place to shop for soy, sensitivity-friendly, fiction-inspired candles, the shop grew and grew until an important moment in August of 2016; when owner and founder – Lauren Runck (pictured left) – decided she needed a way to make a piece of what had remained in the unseen, fintional world of her mind and make it real.

Witchcraft had always interested Lauren, and it had been a secret passion for years. However, it was an unseen part of her that came out in her love of magical tales, fantasy books, epic movies, and other magical, but fictional, things. That all changed in August, 2016, however, when she decided she needed a low-key way to bring this piece of herself into the light and tangibility of the seen world.

Thus, the very first of the cauldron candles she would become known for emerged into the physcial world: Mabon (pictured below).



This sparked a new mission within Lauren, and a new chapter for From A Fable.

From A Fable had begun with candles meant to fill in a noticeable lack of fandom candles for certain books and series that were not only fun, but also easy on those sensitive to fragrances.

Now, Lauren was creating a piece of what she’d been stifling and hiding within herself for years: her Craft.

And other witches RESPONDED.

Messages and emails began coming in along with orders, thanking Lauren for creating a low-key way for witches to express themselves in their homes and their personal (often solitary) practices. Not only that, but those same witches were asking questions about magickal topics.

From A Fable became a place where people would ask questions about the Wheel of the Year (or Witch’s Wheel/Calendar), holding ceremony using the candles, asking if it was okay to use in group, public rituals and ceremony. The questions came flooding in, and a new calling formed for this small Etsy shop.

Helping witches understand basic concepts of witchcraft, celebrating the Wheel of the Year, and knowing they weren’t alone in their desire to embody and understand what it meant to be a witch.

A deep rift between witches became apparent to Lauren, who had received unhealthy rejection and gatekeeping responses while looking for community within her own journey studying witchcraft. Witches were so fearful, even of each other, that many were too scared to even reach out and ask questions. Even more so, witches were terrified that they were making it all up since no one was willing to talk about it.

It was then that Table Time was born! A weekly Facebook live where Lauren would address relevant topics to living as witch, rather than just ‘doing’ witchcraft, and respond to questions in a way that could benefit all that were in the group.

A new tradition of witchcraft was forming, and it became the mission of From A Fable to herald the arrival of a new era where witches could build bridges between each other rather than walls, communicate with each other, ask questions, and receive support from each other as they experiment and expand into their fully legitimate lives as witches.

It became more and more apparent that witches had forgotten just how necessary they were in the world. For, just as there are those that understand the unseen world of mathematics, or those that embody the compassion of the clergy, witches are a needed part of communities that understand what others simply don’t.

Fast forward to today, where From A Fable has now added a beautiful community (The Good Witch Project) that is created entirely to be a safe, supportive, learning space for witches of all paths, all crafts, and everything in-between. A podcast, blog, shop, and set of online courses and live workshops designed to help witches understand the deep, sacred calling that comes from within them. Not only to honor that call, but to understand how truly necessary we witches are in the collective of humanity.

So, that all being said….

Welcome, Sacred One.

We here at From A Fable would love to support you, celebrate you, and help you however we possibly can to make your most magickal life a reality.

Witches, healers, shamans, wise men and women; they are all desperately needed in our world right now. It is time to step up and honor the call you feel so deeply within you.

If you feel ready, click the links in the menu at the top of this page and check out our courses, podcast, community, and more! Everything has been made very intentionally to support witches, to celebrate how sacred and important we are, and to have fun living as full-fledged witches!

If you have any questions or would like some guidance on where to start, feel free to give us a call/text or email us. We are ready and willing to support you, and we would feel deeply honored to have the opportunity.

All the Love and Light in the World,
Lauren Runck – The Witch of the Earth and Crow